Our scraper tool is a piece of hardened steel. It is heat treated so it will hold it's edge, and can easily be resharpened. It is thick enough not to bend or break. The scraper has a finish on it to protect from rust. A hole allows it to be tethered to the tool with a piece of leather(provided) or any cord or lanyard you choose. 

In the event you were to somehow lose your scraper tool, any sharp object will create a spark from your ferro rod. Some scrapers will work better than others of course. A knife spine, awl blade, or carbide sharpener all work well. In an emergency a spark can be made with a rock or piece of glass too though. 


Padauk is an African Hardwood. It's a very dense hardwood valued for it's straight grain, and ease of working. Padauk is as hard as Hickory/Pecan (hardest wood in North America), so for handles it wears like iron. The wood has a slightly oily characteristic that helps catch a flame, though it's not oily to the touch. Padauk is ideal for firestarter handles because of it's tight straight grain, oily nature, extreme density, and yet it can easily be scraped to a fluff for igniting. Padauk handles can be used many many times for firestarting, and you need not be worried about wearing it out quickly. Padauk is a farmed wood, and a renewable resource.   


Magnesium is a metal that burns extremely hot! Burning at nearly 5400 degrees, it will help give an added boost to ignite less than ideal tinders. Our mag is 99.9% pure, and is very soft so it can easily be scraped from the tool. 


Ferrocerium rod is a man made flint. Not all ferro rod is made the same! We use the more desirable and harder to find "hard" European ferro. The market is flooded with inferior Chinese Ferro rods. Chinese types are softer and more difficult to control. Our Ferro burns hotter, strikes longer, and is more controllable, allowing you to put the spark where you need it! Our Ferro burns 2 times hotter than a match!